Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

KS2 Pupil Of The Week 15/6/20

KS2 Pupil Of The Week 15/6/20
Ryan Boult

3JC Pupil of the Week

Our Pupil of the Week goes to Luca for his fantastic input into all online maths! He was the best scorer for SumDog and is always challenging himself on TTRockstars to keep his number fact knowledge and maths skills sharp!
Well done!

3/4F Pupil of the Week

Maja has been a Dojo diamond from the start. She puts her work on her portfolio daily. She is trying so hard with the work set and seems to be enjoying what she is doing.
Well done Maja!

4B Pupil of the Week

Roxanne has been doing her online learning and posting wonderful pictures of her creations which makes me smile. She has been kind and considerate at home too.
Well done Roxanne!

5H Pupil of the Week

Erin has worked really hard in school and has shown an improvement in her own self-belief! She has shown a great amount of resilience this week with her activities, and has shown great pride when she cracks a tricky problem! It has been amazing to see her smile so much this week!
Keep this up Erin!

5/6I Pupil of the Week

Class 5/6I pupil of the week is Henry. Henry always completes every task set on Class Dojo to a high standard. He also works enthusiastically in school too and loves to learn. Well done Henry!

6W Pupil of the Week

My Pupil of the Week is Keira who came back into school this week and settled in brilliantly. She has engaged with her learning and designed her own brilliant Greek heroine.
Well done!