Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

The Oasis Curriculum


At Oasis we strive to achieve exceptional education at the heart of the communities we work in; using cutting edge educational research into the science of learning (including memory and character development) we aspire to develop active citizens and lifelong learners who have a strong understanding of the world around them and a desire to drive positive impact locally, nationally and globally. 

We're really pleased to share with you the Curriculum Statement of Intent. This is a core document, outlining these aspirations for both primary and secondary aged children, and what we are doing to get them there. 

Please click on the image below to open an interactive document which explains the intent of our curriculum. Use the navigation tabs at the top and the back and next buttons to move through the document once open.

We want our children and young people to:

  • Be inspired to improve the world around them.
  • Have the ambition, skills and expertise to thrive in a fast changing, interconnected and communication rich world, with the confidence and technical expertise to thrive.
  • Have a network that supports them.
  • Be comfortable in who they are and able to continuously explore who they are becoming.
  • Be rich in language with a passion for learning.
  • Seek to include others, be other-centred and celebrate difference.
  • Have a values approach to life and a sense of what is right and wrong through the lived experience of the 9 habits.

At Oasis Academy Parkwood we believe that learning should be an enjoyable journey for all children. Therefore the staff aim to provide challenging and engaging learning experiences both in and out of the classroom.  Along the journey, the intended learning outcomes are clearly shared and the children are given appropriate feedback and next steps forward in achieving those outcomes.

We know how vital it is for your child to leave primary school with very best skills and capabilities in English, Mathematics and other key subjects. However, it is equally as important that we prepare your children for life in the 21st century. Pupils at Parkwood lead an innovative and creative curriculum, which focuses on the development of key life skills, so that they are happy, confident individuals and ready for life's challenges.

At Oasis Academy Parkwood, we believe that our children learn best:

  • If we give them a wide experience of different subjects and activities
  • If we focus on teaching them skills and how to do things
  • If they are actively involved, interested and enjoy their learning

If you would like more information about the curriculum each class is following speak to a member of teaching staff in the Academy. Alternatively, please email the school office