Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Reading Leaders

Reading Matters’, is a National registered charity that holds a vision that ALL children have the reading skills that they need for life. ‘Reading Leaders’ is an initiative that is run by the ‘Reading Matters’ organisation.

We are pleased that our Academy is now running the ‘Reading Leaders’ Primary programme to support reading even further at Parkwood. Reading Leaders’ support younger children in school on a one to one basis with their reading and communication.

We have 12 Reading Leaders in school. These reading leaders are pupils from our Year 5 classes. The 12 Reading Leaders attended the official Reading Matters day training course which was held at the local Education Centre before becoming ‘qualified’ to be a Reading Leader.

The Reading Leaders programme has obvious benefits for the younger children, but also benefits the Reading Leader also – through increased confidence, growing leadership skills, increased responsibility and social awareness and benefits to their own reading and writing skills.

Reading Leaders work with their younger partner twice a week and also have weekly Reading Leader planning meeting.

In a typical Reading Leader session, the Reading Leader will meet with their partner, share books with them and read together, do reading activities and play Literacy based games.

The Reading Leaders and their partners are really enjoying the sessions.

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