Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

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Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Meet the Staff




Supported by:



Mrs Tracey Norriss


Deputy Principal

Mrs Jackie Mell (ALT)


Foundation Stage 1 (Oak)

Miss Lynaugh

Mrs Beever(EYP)/ Mrs Edwards (EYP )

Miss Thackeray (EYP )


Foundation Stage 2 (Willow)

Miss Glossop

Ms Davey (EYP)

Miss Lynaugh (EYP)



Year 1

Mrs Mell

Mrs Bishop

Mr. Boult

Mrs Hill

Year 1

Miss Kaye (Maternity leave)

Mrs Jones

Miss Smithson (EYP)

Year 2

Mrs Butler (Assistant Principal)(ALT)

Miss Heyes

Year 2

Miss Wilson

Miss Griffiths.

Year 3

Mrs Jones

Mrs Cunningham

Miss Mason (Maternity Leave)

Mrs Love

Mrs Stewart/ Mrs Harding


Year 3/4

Miss Fox (Assistant Principal)(ALT)/Mr. Farman (Assistant Principal) (ALT)

Year 4

Mrs Boult

Year 5

Miss Housley

Mrs White /Mrs Stones

Mrs Turver

Miss Shepherd

Year 5/6

Miss Islam

Year 6

Mrs Walker

Inclusion Team



Inclusion Leader

Mrs Brough (ALT)

Mrs Harding, Speech and Language (0.5)


Learning Mentor

Miss Tara Green


Miss Becky Dawson

Admin staff

Mrs Sarah Norton (Business and Finance Manager) (ALT)


Miss Susan Endericks (Office Manager)

Mrs Clare Stephenson

Lunchtime staff

Mrs Di Sutton

Mrs Zoe Thompson

Mrs Clare Stephenson

Mrs Michelle Beedle

Mrs Kerry Brandon

Caretaking team

Mr. Reevell

Mrs Belinda Childs

Mrs Beedle

Mrs Lisa Stephenson

Mrs Michelle Brown